The firm represents a broad range of local and foreign clients coming from various businesses and other sectors. These include power and energy, telecommunications, mass transportation, water distribution, capital markets, banking, pharmaceuticals and health care, real estate, construction, manufacturing, information technology, mining and retail trade, to name a few. From a modest size and mix initially, its client base has grown considerably through the years, attaining its present level in a relatively short time.

To our clients, we strive to deliver the best quality legal service while keeping the highest ethical standards. We are committed to the sustained development and improvement of our services through constant innovation, our common vision and our renewed faith in one another. These factors shall enable us to remain competitive and meet the challenges of an ever-changing market for legal services, and allow us to manage the firm as an enduring and flourishing institution into future generations.

We service clients in the following industries:

Banking and Finance
Diversified Business / Holding Companies
Food Products
Manufacturing / Trading
Healthcare & Household
Power, Oil & Gas
Real Estate
Technology & Communications