In our experience, financial exposures materialize because the tax aspects of transactions and other commercial decisions are often overlooked. For this reason, we have always advocated for a multidisciplinary approach in handling legal issues and planning for future transactions. The effect of taxes should always be analyzed and considered not just in major transactions but even in day-to-day financial and commercial decisions.

Our Tax Group efficiently complements our Firm’s other practice groups in providing strategic tax counseling service. It is a value-added service we provide to our clients to ensure that their legal issues are addressed to cover all possible legal bases, including tax, to the extent possible.

Other than general tax advisory services, our Tax Group’s extensive tax practice also includes administrative protests, tax refunds, tax litigation, tax treaty relief matters, tax-free rulings, estate and family wealth and succession planning, obtaining certificates authorizing registration on real property or share transfer transactions, donations, estate settlements, and other applications with the Bureau of Internal Revenue such as the registration of businesses, obtaining tax identification numbers, certificates of tax domicile, certificates of tax exemption, etc.

Our tax practice covers not just tax planning and review, but also the implementation of corrective measures to achieve our clients’ objectives and to promote tax compliance.