We, Castillo Laman Tan Pantaleon & San Jose, are dedicated to providing outstanding legal services to our clients, cultivating a well-trained and highly motivated work force, and contributing to the welfare of the community in which we live. We adhere to the principles of excellence, integrity, loyalty and trustworthiness in our professional and personal pursuits. We believe that the legal profession is not a mere trade but a noble calling for which we are entreated to walk in a manner truly worth thereof.

In the workplace, our lawyers thrive in an environment that demands and supports effective teamwork, individual excellence and mutual respect. Our employees are guided by the highest standards of honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work.

Our Firm policy is to invite and hire the ranking graduates from the top law schools in the country. We likewise give strong consideration to hiring experienced lawyers who have shown their ability to excel in legal practice. Honor students from the top law schools are also invited to engage in practical studies through our student apprentice program.

We provide excellent training to our junior lawyers. The first year associates are assigned to a specific department (Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Labor and Immigration, Corporate and Special Projects, Tax, and Intellectual Property) for a period of time. At the end of that period, the associates are then asked to render work for another department for a specified period. The rotation process is repeated until the associates are able to gain exposure in all of the Firm’s departments. Aside from the training program, we hold regular Legal Staff Meetings where legal and professional updates are discussed. Each of our lawyers is required to put in the long hours and meet the rigorous standards of work before ascending to the next level of responsibility.

In return, we justly reward our lawyers and employees for their contribution, offer them unlimited opportunities for both professional and personal development, and help them achieve a proper balance between work and quality of life outside the office.

The Firm’s shared vision makes working in Castillo Laman Tan Pantaleon & San Jose a collaborative experience. The team system fosters the spirit of sharing expertise. Although the senior lawyers mentor the junior lawyers, the latter are still given ample room for personal initiative and creativity, though never at the expense of the Firm’s standards of excellence.


We are aware that challenging and satisfying work may entail putting in long hours from time to time. To make things more enjoyable, the partners and associates alike engage in various activities such as meditation sessions, group exercises, sports, first Friday masses for Roman Catholics, karaoke, gastronomical and cultural trips, summer outings and Christmas parties, among others. These shared activities reinforce our supportive and nurturing environment.

We take pride in our lawyers’ active involvement in their respective communities. Our lawyers are active in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and in other bar associations. Some of our lawyers are also professors in the top law schools in the Philippines and are actively involved in legal aid clinics. We also support various law student activities such as moot court competitions. At Castillo Laman Tan Pantaleon & San Jose, we become lawyers and leaders for others.